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Body of Knowledge

Trade Paperback: $14.95
Kindle: $3.99

ISBN: 978-0615218557
Released: 06/08
Pages: 216

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He's the most intelligent man I ever met. His friendship meant everything to me. So the only logical thing was for me to kill him.

An ant has two stomachs. I know this because my neighbor told me. Hes incredibly intelligent and we've talked every evening on his porch for--has it only been two months? Hes taught me to look at everything differently, and I've learned so much: the nature of time, the value of inquiry, and an understanding that even the impossible can sometimes be true. He's become my mentor, guide and best friend. So you see, I had no other choice but to see if I could kill him.
"I have no doubt that this is one of the books that will endure generations, as they say, one of the "Next Great American Novels."  --  Book Reviewer FORDIncorporated

"WOW! What an amazing book! Great job Bryce Anderson! This book will stimulate your
mind with deep questions of life and eternity. Yet it is an easy to read, don't want to
put it down book!" --
  Wanda, GoodReads

"Funny yet thought provoking...This book has left me doing a lot of thinking, and I am
not sure how I feel about the whole story, other than I thoroughly enjoyed it and
would recommend it." --
Zvakec, Amazon

"I've read this book 3 times now. Each time I find something new that gets me thinking.
You really get a good look into the main character's mind and see how logic brings
him to his conclusions. Both main character's are very enjoyable and the ending
has a nice twist." 
  Matt, Amazon

"From the moment I read the back cover of this book I knew I would like it. I was not disappointed! I read the book in one sitting which is very unusual for me, but I honestly could not put it down. This book is entertaining and educational but more importantly it makes the reader ponder. It inspired me to look at life differently and ask more questions." -- Jeff Z, Amazon

"I found it to be intriguing, thought provoking and entertaining. This book is good for all intellectual levels, everyone will enjoy it. It was hard to put down. Enjoyable from cover to cover. I am looking forward to the next one." --  D. Bingham, Amazon

"It takes a bit to get me enthused enough to reflect about a writing these days. I found Body of Knowledge to be just the recipe. If you are somewhat curious about your own life, this book might just get you excited enough to do some needed reflecting." --  P. Marshall Hollis, Amazon